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You may store the content of your reducers in LocalStorage with the kea-localstorage plugin.


First install the kea-localstorage package:

# if you're using yarn
yarn add kea-localstorage

# if you're using npm
npm install --save kea-localstorage

Then install the plugin:

import { localStoragePlugin } from 'kea-localstorage'
import { resetContext } from 'kea'

plugins: [localStoragePlugin],

Configuration options

The plugin takes the following options:

// in case you want to replace this, e.g. for tests or non browser environments
storageEngine: window.localStorage,

// added before all paths in localStorage keys
prefix: 'example',

// to change the symbol that concats path parts
separator: '_',



To make a reducer persist in LocalStorage, your logic must have a path. See the debugging docs for more details.

Just add { persist: true } as an option to your reducers, or use the special persistReducer builder instead:

import { kea, reducers } from 'kea'
import { persistReducer } from 'kea-localstorage'
const logic = kea([
// path must be defined!
path(['scenes', 'homepage', 'name']),

updateName: (name) => ({ name }),

// just add { persist: true }
name: [
{ persist: true },
updateName: (state, payload) =>,
// you may override the prefix and separator keys
complexName: [
{ persist: true, prefix: 'example', separator: '_' },
updateName: (state, payload) =>,
// this is not persisted here, but below
notAlreadyPersisted: ['name', {}]

// logic builder to persist existing reducers

Please be aware that under the hood kea-localstorage overrides the default value for the reducer with whatever was stored in localStorage. This means that any listeners hooked to any actions related to the reducer will not be triggered (this is also due to the fact that a reducer may have multiple actions, and there's no way of knowing which one to trigger).

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