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Shortcut: CRA template

To create a new app based on kea's create-react-app typescript template, run the following:

# 2.0
yarn create react-app --template kea-typescript my-kea-app-v2
cd my-kea-app-v2
yarn start

# 3.0, until fully released
yarn create react-app --template kea-typescript@next my-kea-app-v3
cd my-kea-app-v3
yarn start

This sets up a new project with kea and kea-typegen, and adds the plugins kea-router and kea-loaders. It's the fastest way to just try out Kea.

Install Kea manually

Installing kea is rather straightforward. You need to install some packages and optionally call resetContext.

1. Install kea

The kea package comes bundled with everything you need to get started. It also bundles redux and reselect.

# if you're using yarn
yarn add kea

# if you're using npm
npm install kea --save

2. Optional: Reset Kea's context

Kea stores all of its data on a context, which must be set up before any logic can be used. This context stores a reference to the redux store, initializes all plugins, caches all built logic and keeps track of what is mounted and what is not.

Kea comes with a default context already set, but to initialize custom plugins and pass advanced options, call resetContext(options) before rendering your app.

import { resetContext } from 'kea'
import { createRoot } from 'react-dom/client'

plugins: [
// additional kea plugins

// some time later
createRoot(document.getElementById('root')).render(<App />)

3. Disable StrictMode

If you're using <React.StrictMode> anywhere, remove it. Kea works well with React 18 and concurrent rendering, just not with strict mode.

4. TypeScript support

If you're using TypeScript (and everybody should), and want automatic type generation, you'll need to set up kea-typegen as well.

First, run the following:

yarn add kea-typegen concurrently --dev

Then, change your start script in package.json

"scripts": {
"start": "concurrently \"yarn start:app\" \"yarn start:kea\" -n APP,KEA -c blue,green",
"start:app": "# put your old 'start' script here",
"start:kea": "kea-typegen watch --write-paths"

Read more about TypeScript Support in Kea.

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